The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



6 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. *Note: This is not the first time someone posed as me online. I’m very understandably upset about this.
    However, I must say, I do love the quote & the awesome sunset over the water!
    This quote does, in fact, describe me. I like good company, & I do consider life as a journey.
    To me, good company is being among political types that self-educate, growing in knowledge throughout life, journeying down the path to greater awareness of self to all that is around it, knowing that you are impacted by it all.
    A great place to start is all David Icke fans like me out there getting hooked back up with him. Does anybody out there know what happened to him? Even if backward censors who are not in the people’s best interest have taken him off of social platforms because he exposes the agenda of the power elite, doesn’t mean we should let them deny us what we need to know for our benefit. He sometimes says in advance additionally what experts later confirm. So, anybody who knows where I can find David Icke on whatever social platform he’s on — if you can find him, please email me at: Thank you so much!


  2. Thank you, Godly Chic for following me.
    I’m a Christian too. We Christians know that we are fulfilling Revelation prophecy.
    Researchers/authors like David Icke marvel at how John the Beloved Disciple could accurately predict events unfolding today. His work confirms that the Bible is true.
    Good news, BTW. I have found David Icke back on YouTube via others hosting him. When I find his videos I post them on my FB site.
    He is just one of many.
    They are both secular & Christian.
    If you go to my Facebook website you’ll find that we unearth it, discuss it, distribute it.
    I do activism based on it.
    I don’t think we should just carry on as if living in the so-called Last Days meant nothing. We are not called to let evil reign. We must stop it. I think we could very well be held accountable as some say.
    There’s even a prominent theologian that says that the rapture is a hoax.
    All that matters is what the Bible tells us, I know.
    But, even still, as they say…”What would Jesus do?”
    Think about it.


  3. I absolutely 💘 this new anti-New World Order site, since the NWO the vehicle for prophetic fulfillment of Revelation. These activists get it.
    It’s the newest people’s brain trust source I was invited to.
    Out under 30 years of activism, it’s the best I’ve ever been involved with because it’s so timely.
    Europe is facing a totalitarian takeover soon, & America is next. That is what the politicals are saying there, & that’s because they see the signs in governmental changes. In America they are doing training exercises to take US after martial law is declared. My political friend is thinking about how he’ll respond.
    We had & USA/world May 15th, 2021 global anti-NWO freedom mass, organized demonstrations though. There was a ” media black out” by design with your typical, world-wide controlled mainstream media, so you heard nothing. That wouldn’t be a first. There’s been countless people-for-you activist events you’ve missed MSM coverage of over the years that was a reflection of economic justice ⚖ before the Progressive Movement. Again, “media blackout”.
    You also missed the defiance of the masses in various countries of the world 🌎 to corrupt, ineffective governance a couple years back. “Media blackout”.
    Don’t miss anymore — your lives & futures are at risk.


  4. I did want to say that I am VERY disturbed over the direction this country is headed. Over WAY TOO MANY issues & events that occur in our national life in America 🇺🇸 are we BS’D over with all the wrong views of all the visible presses to affect the public perception. They think outright lies to be the truth & know no different. We are headed over a cliff, aided & abetted by a hypocrite of a president who betrayed the trust of those who put him in power. He is the Democratic version of vice in power, while Trump was the Republican one. Both, like power-seekers in the past who are immoral as hell in their own private lives, not knowing or caring what power is for, abuse ideology which voters, donors & activists take seriously for the purpose of securing power for their own selfish ends, & to kowtow to their masters.
    It just sickens me, & the public needs to wakeup. ⏰
    There are those who are protesting this detestable closet Socialist trying to topple our republic. There is a petition out to remove him from power. If we get enough signatures we can call a special election, by virtue of the power granted we, the people, in our United States Constitution. 🇺🇸
    I must say , however, that the sole, perfect candidate was recently murdered by this power elite Biden has been paid off by, the Illuminati, here to bring about their New World Order in fulfillment of Revelation prophecy. You think I’m wrong, do your homework on the internet. Use Duck, Duck Go, it’s not hard to verify, over & over again. (You can start with Ralph Epperson’s book 📖 , “America’s
    Secret Destiny” at his Publius Press website. 🇺🇸 )
    We need to run another candidate out of the ” Represent Us” movement trying to replace the govt, state to state, ground up, with a working knowledge of govt.
    Please also consider going to a nation-wide/world-wide anti-NWO mass rally that’s being held Saturday, July 24th, 2021. 🙏 It’s been done many times successfully before on that & related issues in a mass co-ordinated attempt. There’s just been a “media blackout”, but a traveler of the world confirms it.🌎 Please download the “Telegram” app, register, & get into the “freedom demonstration” channel to find out where one is planned near you.
    Thank you!


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